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About us

Saarah, the daughter of our family as well as a sister, niece, grand daughter and a friend was a special person who fought for 20 years with Ehlers Danloss syndrome.

Saarah's mission was to make a change in the world by raising awareness in hidden disabilities.

Using her platform on social media to encourage the spreading of the main message Saarah was a Miss Universe GB finalist where she used herself as an example to represent the disability community.

With ongoing lock downs from 2020 Saarah's health began to deteriorate forcing her to withdraw from the Miss Universe finals.

In the period of lock downs Saarah's need for medical attention became more difficult as the availability for doctors was minimal.

With back and forth appointments with doctors there was no improvement in Saarah's health as she was told she was always fine according to health reports.

As of April we lost Saarah with ongoing issues due to colitis, with lack of support and assistance in medical care this left the family of Saarah heartbroken.

Since the loss of Saarah we have created a foundation on behalf of Saarah's name. We intend to raise money through donations and events to support and help families to improve lives of those in need.

With your support we can achieve this goals and provide for the hidden disability community to make our world a better place.

Shefaly Begum, Mother of Saarah Ahmed

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